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Om Tat Sat
(I am the unmanifest and total existence.)

 I've been traveling the world for more than 25 years for learning the art of life to master myself. I am a passionate meditator, healer, and guide for those who wish to know themselves.


After a very difficult childhood, that give awakening to a beautiful awareness inside of me, I decide to leave the family at a young age to travel and discover the secrets and powers of life .. the journey unfold my dreams and took me around the world for more than 25 years, learning the source of healing and its way through the body-mind and cosmos, astral journeys, yoga and meditation, and the secret knowledge of what we call the universe and its life! that, I’m ready to share with all of u. 

But Let’s go back in time, because for me, this journey into the mystery of life, starts at a very young age.


From dark to light:


I have been abandoned by my mother at the young age of 3 and half years old. But that was not painful. Indeed I found myself, my mind, and my feelings entering a state of stillness.  I remember living like inside a dark empty bubble, where the only thing shining was the light in my chest. This great emptiness was like a layer that surrounded my person, protecting me from the crazy world outside and at the same time, wherever I was putting my attention, my heart was revealing natural answers about the truth. 

The real pain and sufferance arrived 3 -4 years later when my father married and bring into the family a woman full of ignorance, jealousy, violence, and abuse. This Brought torment, angriness, and sufferance into my life making me disconnect from my previous state. But at the age of 14, I had another strong awakening of the light in my heart. That warm burning fire inside of me makes me take the first real decision of my life. To leave. Whatever was this conscious force inside of me, was very different from the absurd, violent and destructive energy outside, and was telling me to be courageous and fearless. Better live a short life of freedom than a full existence of fear and terror. I listen to that power at my core, So I left.

I remember from the first moment I exit the family house I felt so light, I felt a wave of tsunami rise as a smile to my lips, the terror was ending.

Real life opens to me. I was super curious and this transform me into a true explorer! It was summer and I  found immediately a job as a waiter near the beach. I made a good bunch of money, and I keep studying and finding friends to live with and sharing experiences. I start to travel everywhere I could and realized that I was responsible for everything that was happening to me. Indeed I did not have anyone to protect me or tell me what to do. The road and the world teach me the way and If I had a delusion or a failure, I could see that was all my doing. but I never found myself in trouble, I realize that being respectful and never trying to harm or lie to others was giving me a free pass to open the door to my dreams: explore, knowledge, and realize my deep truth: who I really am?… it was not easy to study, work and find free time but I did it. There were so many unanswered questions about life and its secrets and even searching hard in books, religion, or western society, I could not get true answers in there. At the age of 21 years old, I had enough of seeing unhappy people living in a corrupted world, full of lies. the adults were lost in the stupid materialistic drama, nobody was questioning where the life take its force to be so splendid and rich. Seems everyone was after the power of control, money, greediness, and consumerism. The educational system was bringing a future of depression and stress, the desire to possess things, and fears of losing them generating a field of desperate aggression. fear and competition were at the base of institutional education! “This is not reflecting the world that I feel inside of me,” I said to myself many times. Again my heart was rebellious. I could not fit into that nightmare.


Courage was necessary for change and transformation. I sold everything I had, and I travel to Asia. I make myself empty again and absorb the spirit of ancient culture. I experience the hospitality and the grace of the Buddhist culture. life was very different, people live differently. I learn the discipline to align mind and body. yoga and meditation are the true educational system. We can not be happy and know the truth of our existence without reaching harmony with ourselves and nature. before anything else, we need to learn what is body and mind, how we can do the right thinking and control our brain, what are memories, feelings, and emotions, and how important they are for the choice of our actions. We can know all this only if we stay inside ourselves. And this is spirituality: be aware of what happens inside! Like an eye that can observe everything, that is how we get to see the fire of creation. Like an inner ear that can listen to the sound of our being rising from silence, we will know why we vibrate that way and we will learn how to control it, To stay in harmony and happiness with this life. To conquer our fears and all the process of the elements of air, fire, water, and earth that make us manifest as we are. This sound to be the real thing to do in life. Knowing ourselves in order to live a fearless life, finding our true purpose, and live effortlessly with a smile on our face, knowing that is all a hard process, sometimes painful, but that will make us free from suffering.  

during all these years of self-realization, I walked 2000 km in the Himalayan mountains, meeting sadhu, baba, and yogi, mystics and great spiritual teachers like Dalai Lama or Amma, and many healers living in hidden mountains to small villages in the deserts. I spent years in Buddhist monasteries meditating and I did countless vipassana meditations in different parts of the world. I wanted to master this superb technic of meditation which gave me so much awareness and wisdom, connecting me forever with the divine force. I learned healing from shamans and use Tibetan singing bowls for my healing sessions. I help people heal from chronic disease and cancer too.  I met great teachers of qigong and Tai chi masters. For the last 10 years, I have been teaching yoga and meditation, helping people to advance in their practice and transformation so they could be themselves. 

In all these travels I had incredible spiritual experiences that awaken me inside allowing me to remember who really am. I had the fortune to experience the siddhis (spiritual powers). I learn the alchemy of astral trips and the reiki power of healing. I discipline myself to learn the cosmic principle of life, to absorb the energy of life force and consciousness to reach the union with divine love. I feel very grateful for this life. I could break all the social conditions to transcend the fears and blockage, in order to experience freedom. My last goal is to absorb and dissolve completely into light,  becoming one with divine love.  


That is why I am here today, to share and help those who wish to get better, heal, and learn how to transform the negative into positive. I received a special gift since when I was a child and I want to use it and share it with you. I have the sensitivity to listen to subtle vibrations and connect with individual consciousness and subconscious to find out misalignments, knots, or malfunctioning that do not reverberate correctly with the inner sacred geometry of our body.   I can listen to your inner sound and bring light to your qualities or unbalances so you can start your transformation to the light (the knowledge of yourself). 

I offer my assistance if you are ready to dive into the mystery of the universe and beyond, which is you.


"Be courageous and fearless!
Transformation will happen."

Healing Programs

Here are some examples of my healing abilities. Feel free to contact me.

I can design a customized plan only for you.



Sessions: what it can help you with :

  • Reading  who you really are and your inner qualities ;

  • Understanding  problems as the way of transformation to success

  • learn how to Listening to your true inner voice

  • Releasing fears  , trauma , stress and anxiety

  • Learn how improve  your relationships with yourself and others

  • choosing the right direction for your goals

  • manifesting  your dreams

  • Learn how to heal yourself

Pricing : individual session 350 euro (2 ++ hours per session)


healing sessions:

  • recharge your energy from inside and outside

  • Heal old karma 

  • Heal from sickness or chronic patterns

  • Energetic alignment of chakras 


Pricing : 300 euro per session


Sadhana sessions for beginner and serious practitioners that want to improve in their spiritual journey:

  • Learning how to breath and heal

  • Reconnect yourself with your inner vibrations and chakras

  • The importance and essence of concentration in mindfulness

  • Recharge your body and mind with Qigong

  • discovery and learn the use of the vital force (prana)

  • knowledge and importance of fasting to purify body and mind

  • deep knowledge of Tantra :the power of fire and light

  • Knowledge of cosmic principles and how they manifest in this reality 

  • How to hold your semen and improve your sexual life (for man)

Pricing : - individual session 350 euro  (2-3 hours per session)

               - one month course 2000 euro (2-3 hours per session 5 days a week)


I am grateful to receive positive comments from my sessions.

If you like to share your healing experience, please send me an email at


I had liver chronic hepatitis and one night in my sleep I felt a pressure on my abdomen. I open my eyes and Alex was sitting there with his hands inside my body. At begin i got scared and I tried to push him away and his image disappear . he is my son and at that moment he was meditating for me in a beach in India, 10.000 km far away ! 

                                                                                           Pier 08/2012

I had a late stage cancer, doctors said I had only 3 months to live! Alex came  to me, through away all chemical drugs from the hospital, He  gave me healings and make me drink some herbs he got from  yogi in hymalaya. after 3 months I could stand and walk by myself. Doctors were shocked of my recovery . Now I have a new life with a new girlfriend and a powerful car ! God bless him! 


                                                                                           Luigi 04/2014

i was in India and I went to see my new friend Alex. He  is a Reiki master. He gave me a sound healing session and acupressure reflexology massage in my body. I heard a lot of interesting things about energy in our body , about opening chakras using vibrations creating by Tibetan bowls. During the healing session I was able to let go and felt light and clean.  It is very difficult to calm a fussy mind!! but during alex’s session I spent 60 minutes in Sukhasana keeping my mind fully concentrated in the breath! The body was steady and aligned and felt my diaphragm completely relaxed and open. In India I met a lot of special incredible people, it attracts and makes me think about human values!


                                                                             Людмила Мартыненко 02/2018

I was very stress and I start to loose my hair developing alopecia. One day I was really burning with angriness when suddenly I bump into Alex. He said “please sit next to me and hold my hand”. I felt my body shaking hard from bottom to top and I start to burst in tears. I cry a lot and felt good. In the next 6 months Alex keep shaving my hair since they  start to grow normally. we did a shamanic magic ritual in the river Gange  in Varanasi, India. Alopecia was gone. 


                                                                                 Kaoru 12/2012

I was traveling in Laos trying to find myself. I met Alex and he talk to me. Something happened inside and tears come out of my eyes like rivers. I felt reborn and suddenly I knew what I have to do. After few  year I became a yogi teacher and my life changed completely . I will be always grateful to him . Thank you Alex .


                                                                                 Daniel 05/2008

I did not know Alex but some friends bring me at one of his sound healing session. he came to me and whisper into my ears “ feel your womb, put your hands in it and fill it with all your love. You are that life!”… I start to cry out of control and later  i forgive myself . Three months before I got a miscarriage! How he could possibly know?  Magic man!


                                                                                 Aliona 03/2016

Ale is an amazing person, he is soo caring and has a good heart    ❤️he has deep knowledge about meditation and energy. He has many way to heal persons and what really amaze me is that he can connect with you and heal you from distance in a very deep way.

I have a lot of beautiful experiences receiving healing by distance, many time was enough to deeply think about him and I immediately felt that he was came to support me energetically. 

He is special, I saw him heal with sound, singing bowls, and helping person to reconnect to the source of wellbeing with meditation. His heart is full of love and compassion, I saw him uplift many people with his loving words and give Satsang and explanation of the nature and the origin of our sufference.

Thank you Ale ! Much love 🌈


                                                                                    Giulia 10/2021

"It is the mind which feels the trouble, misery, etc.
If you know the Self there will be no darkness, no ignorance, and no misery.

You exist as an idea in your mind."
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