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The breath comes and goes.

Looking at the breath.

Beyond the Self watching the breath

The whole universe that hugs all things.

A Carefree smile rises to the surface,

as I remember that the momentary universe pervaded cozily in my little physical body.

What is the fastest and easiest way to the ultimate truth and knowledge?

Right now, here

It's your own life.

It's an experience of being who you are.

Our lives are...

Bring a beautiful flower and put it in a vase. When a part of nature enters your room, you adore her. She became the special flower only for you. But the sparkle that showed off life is a moment, and she soon withers away. The withered petals return to the earth and reunite with nature. But as time goes by, she will come out again one day in a different form.

On a leisurely afternoon, there is a person sitting in the middle of a peaceful park. There is warm sunshine and a slight tickling breeze, a flag waving in the wind, the joyous song of birds, the laughter of parents and children on picnics, the salty smell of soft waves, and the dance of trees and flowers... that's beautiful. but they don't reach this person who's sitting in the middle of everything.

This person is grieving for the past that has already passed and is deeply immersed in anger toward those who have hurt him. His entire body trembles and his heart cries as if it were felling into lava. He's torturing himself and missing what has gone. He swims in the ocean of despair and his world is collapsing under the weight of his tears.

Meanwhile, one boy falls in front of him. The boy's soft drink splashes on his trousers and he can't bear it. He shouts with anger out at the boy, who broke his agony. Suddenly something hits him very hard. The shock was so sudden that he completely forgot how furious he was, what made him so mad, and what he was doing. In fact, someone's football smashed into his head in that moment.

He suddenly realizes the moment when all thoughts, emotions, memories, and fantasies are cut off by force. Now he can look back at himself - what was I doing? He walks out of the misery he had never been able to put down on the side. He feels as light as a new feather as if he woke up from an old nightmare. He simply comes out of illusion. He can see himself spending his free time in a peaceful park. Who would have bothered him so much? It's himself. He invited all the pain to himself. It is he who lived in a dramatic illusion without letting go of the pain. He was living in the drama of a non-existing world.

For those suffering, the beautiful afternoon scenery is an invisible, untouchable, non-existent world. Even if they have eyes, they can't see them, and even if they have ears, they can't listen to the songs of life. Even if they have hands, feet, and bodies, they can't move by their will. Their lives are all about just hanging desperately to their misery and sustaining their illusional fantasy. They are like frozen icicles under the eaves. Then, when a strong wind blows suddenly, they fall helplessly, break, and end their forms of life.

It's a story for all of us.

All of us who are reading this article are breathing. Breathing is life and memory. Breath is the compass and indicator of the universe that we all have, a free language beyond human limits, and a book of wisdom over the segments of time and space. The soul begins with breathing.

Breath is always everywhere, making it a kind guide to our spiritual journey. In Vipassana Meditation, we are with breath and we make ourselves purely light. Every moment we leave our fantasies and nightmares, it is awareness.

Imagine, now the guy at the park is asked to be aware of his breath. Just like he could escape all his suffering from the shock of the moment when the ball hits his head, he will use his breath as an indicator and focus to control his mind. When he practices persistently. he will be able to come out of deep mind-made nightmares easier.

It makes him realize that he is not a lethargic agony, but a piece of beautiful life. He will cultivate the power of self-control in both body and mind. Nothing can shake him, - any memories, emotions, thoughts, senses, and desires, even a strong storm, - He will maintain balance and calmness like a mountain.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

And then there's "you", looking at breathing.

Let all the anguish that shakes you back and forth, pass just like inhale and exhale.

And "you" stay between the flows of breath.

You will find an existing move that exists beyond the sense of the self. When all the big and small arguments demolish, you will remember the breath of existence, beyond the breath of the physical body.

You, who is watching your breath, the sense of "you", will converge, it becomes the whole universe that hugs all. When you remember that the momentary universe pervaded cozily in your little physical body, you finally smile carefreely. You will see the smile of the universe everywhere in your eyes and feet touch.

Let it go. Do not be attached, or obsessed. Let's breathe in and out. Say goodbye to all the painful memories, complicated thoughts, heavy feelings, and fragmented pieces that are not digested. You shall not be shaken.

Everything is all one. Just as the incoming breath(inhalation) and the outgoing breath(exhalation) are one breath. Understand that you and others are one, not different nor separated. See that the past, the present, and the future are one and that all the trivialities of right and wrong are one.

Basic Meditation

Be comfortable. Both sitting and lying positions are okay.

If your knees feel uncomfortable, you can sit on a chair.

Feel the balance of your body - front, back, left, and right.

Align the body centerline that is coming from the center of the top head to the bottom of the body. We are a line that connects the sky and the earth. Body balance will be naturally aligned according to breathing during meditation. Allow it to happen.

Close your eyes softly and watch your breath.

Watches both the incoming and outgoing breaths and the inside and outside of your body, that breaths pass through.

When there's a ripple inside of you, that makes you distracted from observation of breathing and weakens your concentration. Leave it all alone. Ripples can be anything - any memory, thoughts, feelings, senses, desires, and so on.

No matter what shakes you, you keep continuing observation of your breath.

We don't try to block the breath that comes to us.

We also don't try to catch the breath that leaves us.

Observe your breath,

you will experience emptiness (空, the absence of all existence).

Look at the number 0.

It is like an open window.

Just as the wind naturally blows in a wide field, when you observe the breath you will also become a wide field. Leave any arise happening in your mind behind. Do not react to it. You just breathe just like the sun that looks at the whole thing.

Breath is life. We breathe and we birth ourselves every moment.

With exhalation, let out everything you were obsessed with.

The Muddy stream flows endlessly, the water clears up.

You become purer when you let go of what you were holding with attachment.

Experience the ultimate truth by yourself through practice,

Apply it to all of your life aspects.

And take the right action.

Every moment of life is a practice.

Don't hide yourself and don't lock yourself inside of the small practice room.

What you need now is

Not the accumulation of more knowledge,

Not a whispering desire to search for something new.

It is not about adding more and more.

You will meet wholeness via letting go and emptiness 空.

You will restore your true self.

Stay in benevolent silence.

Learn patience.

Like taking care of a garden tree...

Sow the seeds of freedom and peace.

August 2023

Written by Jio


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힐러, 치유가, 명상가, 호흡식, 신비

Hi! I'm a meditator, healer, and a Breatharian Practitioner, who travels and dances with the mysterious energy of cosmic nature.

When I was young, I wanted to become a wind and be one with the Nature, and I grew up reading lots of stories about Xian, spirits, and elements. In the past I studied mathematics to understand the whole universe, now I have thrown myself completely into a silent mystery.

Our human lives are a dream flowing into oneness. I am the soul of freedom and love, experiencing the spiritual journey of Life. My name is Jio, I am a messenger of the Sky and Earth. And I temp to carve and share mysterious moments of nature that cannot be fully captured by human language and mind. I am also a guide, for those who need help in life situations, and those who need support on their spiritual journey. Nice to meet you.

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I started to be aware of the breath when I was a child at 4 years old. My mother was gone forever, and my father was taking me to run trail tracks in the hills and mountains every weekend. These trail tracks are run by lots of people and meanwhile, my father likes just to walk and talk to his friends, he was pushing me to run and go by myself, following other groups of people till we will see each other again at the arrival line, which usually was in the center square of a village. During my time running, I found myself in a deep state of concentration where the only things existing were the sole of my feet, my breath, and my heartbeat.

My job with the brain was only to organize the rhythm of the sole of my feet with the breath, and the heartbeat, in order to not run out of power. Everything was following the rhythm finding the limits of my physical strength. I observe and directed the breath where was needed. In the ankles, knees, or hips if the limbs were starting to feel pain; or the inhalation was longer if I needed extra power from the lungs, and so on. The focus of my Attention was strictly inside the body for the run distance. Sometimes 5 kilometers but sometimes for 10 or more kilometers.

I run continuously almost every week till the age of 14 years old. I became a great runner. But I also became a great meditator and I was aware of the power of the breath.

The breath is the vehicle where prana, the life force, is traveling. In India, they say that with an injured or non-functional brain you are still alive, but with a body that is not breathing, then that is death! Indeed, the breath is the carrier of life (as a movement) and its powers.

Breath is wind, wind is mostly oxygen. Prana is stored in oxygen. Oxygen allows it to burn, generating heat and light. This light is responsible for the inner vision that allows us to see. The heat is the wave that carries the force of vibration into our cells, allowing them to wave and communicate and exchange with each other in order to heal and live with the fluidity of the rhythm of life.

The breath I experienced in that time, is a forced breath. Is a breath that is under the control of the brain-mind system. It is a healing breath, it is a restoring breath, and it is a wind that opens the channel of manifestation. With my breath, I can shape my body. I do not need to lift heavy weights to make my muscle stronger. I can practice inhaling and holding my breath in the part of my body that I needed (like the practice of QI-KUNG). Holding the prana there will expend the consciousness of love and energy and it will create a stronger and well-shaped muscle. So I can do the same for all the other parts of my body that needed healing, From organs to skin or bones.

So after running, sometimes for 18 kilometers, I could heal the pain in my muscle or joints much quicker than others. I could restore my energy in the body quickly by just controlling the inner breath and directing it wherever I needed it, in this case, the lungs. I cured my injuries (usually scratches or burns) very quickly, just in a few days instead of weeks.

The breath is the tool to direct our energy and control our thoughts, manifesting things. I could control also the rhythm of the heartbeats. paying attention to the heart muscle, I could Reduce the beats considerably. I was keeping less than 60 beats per minute when I was just resting or walking and going much lower when sitting still in meditation.

The proper technic of learning to control the breath and so the thoughts in the mind is called pranayama. This is a very strong technique of YOGA. I started to practice it around 20 years old when I start roaming the Himalayan mountains and climbing high to find a nice monastery where to sit and learn.

So the practice of “holding the breath" (pranayama), brings energy, love, healing, action, expansion of the force, or elimination of impurities into one’s life.

Meanwhile, the practice of learning concentration by observing the natural breath (as it comes and goes) is the vipassana meditation. This technique will bring you the awareness of mindfulness, taking you to a higher state of consciousness beyond the reality of this life. With this technique taught by the Lord Buddha, we can reach freedom from suffering, peace, and enlightenment. It all starts with learning concentration in the natural breath (anapana).

I enter the Buddhist temple in the north of Thailand at the age of 21 for the first time. After the first 10 days, I felt so enthusiastic but I also realized that I was still at the beginning of my inner journey, so I asked the abbot of the temple if I could stay longer and learn more. Of course, he was happy to hear that. So I stayed for 28 days (one cycle of the moon). Focusing the attention of the mind on the natural breath brings the agitated mind under control. My brain was always so fast, it wants to know everything and always asked for answers and reasons. That day I decided to enter the monastery because I had enough of the frenetic rush of my brain and thoughts. It was bringing me into a state of agitation and stress in searching for knowledge and the truth. But to know the truth the brain has to be put to stillness or quietness; its activity has to be reduced to almost complete zero! Completely relaxed basically: at sleep.

I remember very clearly that on the fifth day of vipassana meditation, I was feeling frustrated. Vipassana is a Nobel silence meditation and no one should speak during the retreat. But in those first days, I could hear people laughing, answering the phones, or chatting as if they were outside in the market, and of course, I was distracted and not finding silence inside my mind. So I reported to the abbot of the monastery asking quite angrily if there is a place in this temple where I can seat in silence! AHAHAHAHHA the abbot showed me a very good laugh.

At that moment the light of wisdom struck me!

Of course, was me that wanted to listen.

Of course, I was not diverting my attention to the inner silent breath, but to the voices and noises coming from outside.

Then I understood how the senses and external facts control our life instead of being me controlling my senses and my organ of senses. From that day I start to learn real observation of how the mind function. Again, everything starts with finding concentration in the breath, the natural wind that comes and goes in our body and mind. It brings awareness and knowledge of the Self, which is the source of our nature, which is a loving, kind, and conscious being.

August 2023

written by Alex


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