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Jio and Alex wish people to remember who they are and their inner wisdom leading to the beauty of life transformation. is found in that hope.


The logo of is a symbol of the inner eye that can see all and guide one from dark to light. These two hands holding light indicate that wisdom is already within everyone's hands. Light is the power of all creation. is a combination of two sentences which are 1. You are light, 2. You are guru.


1. You are Light.


The essence of all universal manifestations is Energy. Therefore, our true nature is light. We are not just a mixture of human personalities, social conditions, and physical bodies. Learn about who you are. You will be surprised at the Absolute Beauty - which is who you really are.


2. You are Guru.


In Sanskrit, Guru means dispeller of darkness. Traditionally, a guru is a respectful figure as a guide or inspiration to higher consciousness, which helps seekers for self-mastery, healing, and spiritual evolution by sharing enlightenment, knowledge, and experience.


Recognize that everything you know in this entire existence, it is only what happens within you. you are the creator of your universe. Whatever you believe become your reality. Indeed when you meet someone else, you are seeing inside of yourself a mental picture of that person you are interacting with. So you are not really relating with that person, but who you think you are, is dating who you think that another person is.


So reality is all an illusion of the mind and senses. Conquering our mind (learning how to think), senses, and everything that arises within ourselves is one of the first steps to breaking through ignorance and bringing eternal light to the misery and sufferance that prevents us from happiness. And the only one who can do these steps toward knowledge, wisdom, and light can only be you, yourself. We meet to enlighten each other, awaken the soul, and remember who you really are: your own teacher and master!


Guru is an explorer from dark ignorance to light enlightenment. As we are all travels of consciousness from separating duality to united oneness, we all are the guru of ourselves.


This website is designed to remind you that you are light and guru. You can awake from the dark sleep of existence, set yourself free and explore the beautiful world in warm light.


Let's experience the art of being alive together!

We welcome you!

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