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Free Yourself

I am a Pioneer Energy Healer, Soul Restorer, Life Alchemist, and Explorer of Higher Consciousness. I will help you restore yourself and transform into beautiful art who you really are.

Since my birth, I asked many questions about the way of mainstream lifestyle. I sensed what was behind the physical reality but I blindly followed the conventional schedule of life and I became an unhappy office worker just longing for the weekend. That time I felt my soul was locked inside the stone, waiting for me to carve her out. She was asking me to give her the freedom, so she could gracefully express her natural beauty in life. In 2015, I quit a job and started a brave journey of being truly alive. 


Since then I've transformed my human life beautifully by understanding Who I am, Energy, and the Universe. The power of transformation is within the real understanding of the essence. On my spiritual journey, I witness miracles in every corner of life. Mystery speaks itself in my pure heart. I had an enlightenment in 2016. In silence and blessing of the full moon, I was born again. It was a very powerful spiritual moment that I recovered my memory of my origin and knowledge of all creation of the universe.

I remembered that a long time ago I was an observer of humanity in an energy form, and I wished to guide them to peace & love by higher consciousness. I began dwelling in a human body with hope. I have passed through uncountable lifetimes until now on. 


In many previous lifetimes, I was a shaman, healer, priest, spiritual leader, and teacher of various genders, races, social classes, civilizations, religions, and spiritual practices. At the same time, I deeply experienced human suffering and physical deaths caused by ignorance, violence, and corrupted minds.


As I travel the world and visit ancient sacred sites, I find seeds of my forgotten memories. As I meditate deeper and deeper, my being becomes lighter and purer. I grow the power that can break through illusions.


My current interest is to synchronize myself to cosmic energy, heal myself at the cellular energetic level, and connect to cosmic resources direct that feed my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


For many previous lifetimes, I have practiced source feeding(Breatharianism) and had a strong motivation for abosolute freedom from human suffering. In this lifetime, I started a transition of source feeding in 2016. In 2019, I had a period of time when I did not need to eat any physical food. But I started tasting food again because my physical body is still young and I still want to explore food-related human activity. These days I usually eat a small portion of a meal one time a day and do conscious fasting on a regular basis.

My journey beyond time and space rich my soul with all experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. Now I am here to guide others. With Higher Consciousness and a Deep understanding of Human Nature, I can guide you to reach the full potential of who you are and to manifest the unlimited abundance that life has to offer you.

Life is Free, Easy, and Peaceful when you live as your true nature! 

You are the power of all creation.

Remember Who you are.

I will assist your path on a soul level. A healing session with me will provide you with a deep understanding of yourself, your current situation, and a blueprint of your life. You will enjoy a comfortable trip with my navigating support until you reach your destination!

"Healing starts when you listen.
Listen deeply to your heart.
You will admire miracles that start from within."


Healing Programs

Here are some examples of my healing abilities. Feel free to contact me.

I can design a customized plan only for you.



Psychic Tuning Intergration 

In the deep state of meditation, I work on behalf of your request. I personally experience many miracles in this work with my clients. It can apply to any case, so feel free to contact me. 


Soul Healing

Soul Healing is like a total health check of your soul. It includes

1. Reading about who you really are at a soul level. 

2. Your soul's repeating stories through past & current lifetimes

3. Energetic baggage analysis and clearing

4. Your current energy flow/chakra balance check

5. discovering real reasons for your incomprehensible behavior, thoughts, and emotion

6. Releasing unwanted karmic bonds

7. Energetic understanding of your physical disease

8. Brief information about your spiritual guides

9. Mapping your current lifetime

* I recommend Soul Healing especially if you work with me the first time.

* You can also request Soul Healing for your parents, partner, family members, or children depending on the situation. It is possible to do it for a deceased person, too.

* You can do this work with me on a regular basis when you feel like stepping up another level. My clients return back to update their Soul Healing every 6 months or 1 year or even after many years.


Spirit Guide Reading

We all have unlimited support from spirits. Your Spirit Guides are the closest group of spirits that help your way of self-liberation & self-actualization. You will know the details of your spirit guides, their special message for you, and more. Also, this reading will give you confirmation that you have never been alone in this beautiful human experience journey.


Souls Relationship Reading

Souls relationship reading analyzes the history of two souls through previous and current lifetimes and lightens the weights of karma between them. Through this work, You can have an integrated perception and new understanding of your one special relationship. And these benefits of reading will influence the rest of your other relationships positively. The reading can apply to your loving partners, parents, children, family members, friends, business partners, deceased ones, etc. 


Energy Mapping of Your Day

Do you feel stuck in your life? Sometimes even if you know yourself well and you try hard as best as you can, things seem more complicated. Energy Mapping of Your Day can give you a clue of the rooting the cause of all problems. Dive deep into the weaving of your day.


Energy Shower

Energy shower can wash off your energy burden from your energy field, home, business spaces, own private properties, belongings objects, and so on, depending on your request. If you are sensitive, you must feel the difference between places, persons, and objects. Energy shower discovers the hidden energy, and unexpected information as well.


Beyond Communication

Beyond Communication helps you communicate again with your loved one beyond time and space, life and death. It can be a chat with your deceased human or animal friend. When you are able to give a heartful farewell to your friend, it will help release your grief of loss and live your life on your soul purpose.


Thankfully, I have many return clients telling me about positive life transformations.

Here is the feedback from my generous people. 

If you like to share your healing experience, please send me an email at

I met Jio at a Breatharian workshop in Thailand. She really does embody freedom in this life, living as a digital nomad, tasting and experiencing what life has to offer all over the world. The lady truly puts her money where her mouth is… Since the session with Jio, I have become much more aware of where I limit myself. I now focus on liberating myself from self-imposed limitations. Thank you Jio! I found immense value in the session with you.                                                                                           


When my session with Jio started, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but knowing Jio, I was certain I was in for something mind-opening. A few hours after the call, and I can confidently say that my assumption was correct. Jio’s account of my soul’s energetic quality and my soul’s story was uncannily in line with my life’s experience. She provided a clear and professional interpretation of parts of myself I have both recognized and denied. I now feel much more aware and ready to move onto the next stage of my life, which at this moment is no small task. The new year sees me raising my first child (he is now a month old), and starting my own coaching business. Jio has helped me move into 2018 with more awareness and confidence. Thank you Jio!



Since I had Soul Healing session with Jio, my life became more peaceful. So I took another session with Jio about my spirit guides. I listened to her calmly when she explained the characters of my guides, but when she spoke my guides' messages for me, I got goosebumps all over my body. Because I never mentioned to Jio what kind of life situation I was having and also the message from each of my guides to me was only comprehensible to me. It was a thing that only I myself knew and felt inside. It was impossible to deliver such a message in detail unless someone shared all my thoughts and feelings every moment.



Jio was telling me the story of my soul. I heard of my negative mental patterns that were caused by my past life memories. I felt like I finally found the reason for my doubts and anxiety. What really fascinated me was when I meditated with Jio, my noisy mind turned into a peaceful calm ocean. When my session with her finished, I cried and felt a deep release in my heart. I gained a strong intention for stopping self-destructive thoughts. And by accepting Jio's advice, I will do authentic storytelling as a writer. I cannot wait to see my transformations over time...


About 5 minutes after the consultation with Jio, I went to the bathroom and turned on the lamp. I suddenly saw the green light in front of me. The appearing light was about the size of a coin, I blinked my eyes a few times but I could still see it on my face, reflected in the mirror. It was a very strange experience. I assumed that the energy cleansing Jio gave me was going well in its process. What's even more interesting is that my craving to eat at night was gone. Strangely, from that day on, I lost my appetite at night. We live with many choices every day. Wake up in the morning to drink water, drink coffee, sit down, walk, or run today, it's up to you. What a wonderful life! As she said on YouTube, we are already perfect. Creation is something you do yourself. “ WHY NOT? ” “ LET’S DO IT NOW “ I hope that everyone who reads this will make good choices and have a richer life… thank you thank you thank you


I will remember that Jio visited my dream a day before my session with her. In my dream, she was telling me "You have been through a lot." and she smiled at me and embraced me with a bright light. I was sure that my soul would get healed by meeting Jio, I had done my homework diligently and now my mind is free from fear and I am full of confidence. My business is successful, too.


I have found deep peace in my heart. I am grateful to Jio for receiving healing. I also request healing sessions for my children. My second child couldn’t sleep well.  He always woke up between 1 and 3 am and cried loudly. I got to know what caused him through Jio and I also helped him with my own visualization and approach. The results are very good. He sleeps very well since then, It makes me happy. A lot of changes are happening to me and my children after I met Jio. 



"You are free from all limitations

when you know your true self.


Freedom becomes the soil of Happiness,

let Eternal Peace sprout inside of yourself.


Be brave to choose who you really are.

All answer is already in you.


Open your eyes now!

We are all traveling stars of the universe."

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