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Letter from Giulia ❤️

Ale is an amazing person, he is soo caring and has a good heart ❤️he has deep knowledge about meditation and energy. He has many way to heal persons and what really amaze me is that he can connect with you and heal you from distance in a very deep way.

I have a lot of beautiful experiences receiving healing by distance, many time was enough to deeply think about him and I immediately felt that he was came to support me energetically.

He is special, I saw him heal with sound, singing bowls, and helping person to reconnect to the source of wellbeing with meditation. His heart is full of love and compassion, I saw him uplift many people with his loving words and give Satsang and explanation of the nature and the origin of our sufference.

Thank you Ale ! Much love 🌈

Giulia 10/2021


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