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Letter from Hanna ❤️

About 5 minutes after the consultation with Jio, I went to the bathroom and turned on the lamp. I suddenly saw the green light in front of me. The appearing light was about the size of a coin, I blinked my eyes a few times but I could still see it on my face, reflected in the mirror. It was a very strange experience. I assumed that the energy cleansing Jio gave me was going well in its process. What's even more interesting is that my craving to eat at night was gone. Strangely, from that day on, I lost my appetite at night. We live with many choices every day. Wake up in the morning to drink water, drink coffee, sit down, walk, or run today, it's up to you. What a wonderful life! As she said on YouTube, we are already perfect. Creation is something you do yourself. “ WHY NOT? ” “ LET’S DO IT NOW “ I hope that everyone who reads this will make good choices and have a richer life…

thank you thank you thank you

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