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Letter from Marinda ❤️

I met Jio at a Breatharian workshop in Thailand. She really does embody freedom in this life, living as a digital nomad, tasting and experiencing what life has to offer all over the world. The lady truly puts her money where her mouth is. I thought that I could definitely learn much from her. When I heard that she offers coaching sessions/readings, I was delighted. We arranged a session via Zoom. It was very helpful that Jio recorded the session. Every now and then I listen to it again and learn or realise something new. It is a gift that just keeps on giving. During our session, Jio shared major insights that has had a great positive impact on my life and on my business decisions. Not long after the session with Jio, I had to decide whether I was going to choose an option that offered the potential of making a lot of money or whether I am going to develop a product that makes me happy. I chose to develop the product that makes me happy and I am enjoying the process. It adds meaning to my life. Jio also pointed out to me that I should not put conditions on my happiness or on doing what I wish to do. This may seem obvious. However, when I started taking a hard look at my life, after the session with Jio, I realised that I put conditions on almost everything I really want to do. For instance, if I want to take a road trip, I tell myself I first have to save xyz amount of money. Since the session with Jio, I have become much more aware of where I limit myself. I now focus on liberating myself from self-imposed limitations. Thank you Jio! I found immense value in the session with you. 2 August 2019



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