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You are light.
Guide yourself
from dark to light!

We have been traveling the world for many years to learn the mystery of life and understand the true essence of ourselves, nature, and the cosmo energy consciousness.

Meditation is our best friend on our spiritual journey, and pure joy opens a path to our hearts. From the deepest bottom of our hearts, we experience unity beyond the limited human mind and languages. We discover fundamental knowledge and all forgotten wisdom of the universe.

Love is the key. We are all one beautiful light experiencing human life on Earth now.

We share our experiences and ourselves for the service of humanity. We are here to guide those who wish to be themselves and set themselves free as the wind blows effortlessly. We advise people for their well-being. Are you ready to wake up from the Dark(Ignorance) and see the Light(Consciousness)?

From our experience, we can guide you on a higher energetical level. 

No matter where you are, we can tune into your energy and help you.

We can advise you beyond superficial matter, what is really causing an issue underneath.

Our heartful hope is to see all humanity cultivating their inner light, and live a happy peaceful healthy life. So that all living creatures on Earth shall be entering the beautiful land of Heaven(Enlightenment) with love.

The time is now.

Gift yourself the freedom of being who you really are.

Freedom is born from awakening consciousness.


Jio & Alex


Mystery School

Lighten golden wisdom inside.

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