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Mystery School

Lighten golden wisdom inside.

In Latin, Aurum means gold. 


Aurum Mystery School dreams of a golden age for all humanity. Through its simple and intuitive education, it helps students cultivate their inner wisdom. Inner Wisdom is like an unchangeable gold and eternal Flame. This golden light will be a compass of one's spiritual path. 


Aurum Mystery School will help you enlighten the golden wisdom inside.


We have witnessed struggles and sufferings increasing in individuals' normal daily life globally. There are people who are in confusion and suffered from a wounded heart and a thirst for self-knowledge and better life. We asked ourselves why so many people are suffering... 


We recognize that the way of teaching life in society is not correct and also it puts misleading values that manipulate one's entire lifetime. The precious wisdom of our ancestors has been hidden intentionally. Wrong education from mainstream institutions brings a life of suffering that is far away from the real purposes of humanity which are Love, Happiness, Health, Abundance, Peace, and Harmony. So that the current way of life in our society is not bringing any real gifts to humanity in this existence. 


We believe all humanity needs to re-educate themselves and wash off all social conditional patterns. And then we will be able to reconnect ourselves to the purpose of our lives in this universe. A deep understanding of the source will enrich a path of self-liberation. And that is what spirituality is.


Nobody can obtain awareness unless they guide themselves independently because real knowledge is not a product that anyone can just buy from the market. As it is not tradable object between each other. We all should cultivate light by ourselves through life experience and discipline. The transformation process may feel like lost alone walking in a dark cave but at the end of the path, shining light will hug you. We all should diligently observe ourselves and root awareness in our daily life, with dedicated disciplines.


So Jio and Alex decide to share stepping stones into the Unknown Mystery of the heart, recognizing what we called the spirit as the cause of all existence. Through Aurum Mystery School, you will get useful tools and guidelines for your spiritual path. 


Take on board forward Self-Mastery and Self-Healing.

It is a beautiful inner journey to our pure essence.

Join us!

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