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To raise consciousness is a journey to the Sun.

"To reach the self is to raise consciousness." The sun gives us love. The sun gives all of us love beyond any separation that has made of our mind; Who is above? Who is below? Who is noble? Who is vulgar? The sun gives everyone light all over boundaries like human, animals, plants, inanimate objects, etc. The sun is unconditional love. When we raise our consciousness to a higher vibration, we start our ascending journey to the sun. We see the mountains that we couldn't see before at the lower altitude. We feel the wind crossing the sky. We sense the fragrance carried by a bird, flying from far. Our souls expand. When we raise our consciousness to a higher vibration, we start our descending journey to the sun. We feel the animated passion of the earth beneath. We experience endless desire to swallow our separated consciousness and transform into oneness like a flaming magma. The void of darkness awakens us deeply. Our souls are deeply rooted. We become the sun when the ascending sun and the descending sun meet each other. A door is open when a heart is open. An eye is open when a door is open. We become unconditional love. We are to mature in the journey to Oneness. I experience the journey from above and below as I continue my healing practice. My understanding of healing deepens. The healing service I do is from the consciousness of oneness. We are one. I am you. You are me. We are one. When someone asks me for a healing session, I get permission from him/her. So I don't interrupt anyone's free will which is a power of life creation. I become a being who delivers information and wisdom from the higher mental and spiritual plane and beyond. The transcendence power is a force to ascend and descend. When we look at all trees in the world, they are rooted deeply and grow high to the sky. A tree begins its journey to become itself fearlessly since it was a little seed. This seed used to be a giant tree. The raising consciousness breaks a small and suppressing shell we have had. We fly far beyond over false disillusions that we used to believe in absolute truth. Where is the ultimate potential of human beings? If an arrow is flying at this moment, we are experiencing an object called "Time". Time lets us know the aesthetics of process; a journey flavor. If you like hiking or fishing, you may agree with it. Actually, life itself is an enjoyable journey. Recently I've experienced a new area of human potential, which is Breatharianism. It's also known as Pranic lifestyle. Breatharianism is a way of being to receive universal life energy directly through breathing. There're many words for universal life energy such as Prana, Vitality, Qi, Lifeforce, Energy, etc. If you transform yourself firmly and accurately to Breatharianism, you do not perceive food nor water as a means of survival. They become one of the options that you can choose in human life experiences. A breatharian can experience both sides of freedom; freedom to eat food or not. I'd share my own experience when it's the right time. I've been on the process to know myself deeply and gain understanding in my heart. When we are close to ourselves, we are becoming a whole being to completion. We are coming to our own divinity. We experience ultimate freedom, breath in love, sing a blessing. We become free birds out of a cage. In fact, everything of life depends on our free will. A free will comes from a mind, heart, soul, consciousness and a self beyond the self. It's us who makes our lives. To experience this wisdom, we need to fly to the sun. Nobody can fly beyond for us. We must move by ourselves like a baby bird leaves a nest and fly high. We do not need to be scared of anything. Choose love, not fear. Choose happiness. Choose to be free. Choose to breathe. Choose the power of choosing your own life. Choose the courage to be and live as who you truly are. We are the sun. Remember who we were. "Who am I?" Remember the self. To know the self is consciousness. To reach the self is to raise consciousness.

21 June 2019

Written by Jio


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Hi! I'm a meditator, healer, and a Breatharian Practitioner, who travels and dances with the mysterious energy of cosmic nature.

When I was young, I wanted to become a wind and be one with the Nature, and I grew up reading lots of stories about Xian, spirits, and elements. In the past I studied mathematics as a mean of understanding the whole universe, now I have thrown myself completely into a silent mystery.

Our human lives are a dream flowing into oneness. I am the soul of freedom and love, experiencing the spiritual journey of Life. My name is Jio, I am a messenger of the Sky and Earth. And I temp to carve and share mysterious moments of nature that cannot be fully captured by human language and mind. I am also a guide, for those who need help in life situations, and those who need support on their spiritual journey. Nice to meet you.

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